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About Our Studio

Located inside the Extreme Ends Salon at 331 4th Street (click here for map), Bow & Arrow Piercing Co. provides professional hygenic piercing services in a secure and sterilized environment, with focus on personal empowerment and transformation.

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Our Prices

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Lobes Children $75
Lobes Adults $85
Nose Titanium Stud $65
Nose Stainless Steel Stud $60
Helix $75
Belly Button $95
Eyebrow $75
Tongue $95
Septum $95
Nipples (Single) $75
Nipples (both) $140
Monroe $85
Lip Labret $85
Tragus $85
Foward Helix $85
Rook $85
Daith $105
Industrial $140
Snakebites $140

*GST Not Included

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Marnie Marangoni

Marnie Marangoni


Your Expert Piercer

Marnie has been a professional piercer since 2016. She brings a strong sense of empathy and care for the comfort of her clients, resulting in what many call a stress-free experience. 

I recently brought my daughter to Bow & Arrow for a piercing and Marnie was both friendly and professional. It was lovely to see her put my daughter at ease, and help her through not feeling well after the piercing. Her location is clean, comfortable, and conveniently located. I’m sure we’ll back for further piercings!

Leif Jason

Owner, Mastermynde

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