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Letter for Parents

Thanks so much for your interest in Bow & Arrow Piercing Co. I do my best to offer friendly, clean and quality services.

I have had quite a bit of experience with piercing littles over the years. I have found often that kids under 10 years of age find the experience challenging & daunting. They often really crave the earrings but not the process. I use needles exclusively and this is an understandable reaction. I use titanium labrets (studs) as initial jewelry and have been pleased with the rarity of adverse reactions.

I offer an explanation of the process, show them my tools and provide gentle encouragement. This takes about 10 minutes or so. If the child isn’t keen at that point to continue we look at rescheduling for future, when they are more ready. It is really important to me that their excitement supersedes their apprehension. I look forward to providing a pressure free, fun milestone in their journey.

EMLA is a numbing agent that provides a small amount of numbing pre-piercing. It costs about $15 and is found at most drugstores. It takes 40 minutes to be effective and doesn’t eradicate the discomfort, just slightly lessens it. If you choose to use it please put it on thickly on each ear, 40- 45 mins prior to their appointment. Please also be ready to remove the bandages when you arrive.

I ask for a $25 deposit to this goes towards the piercing if all goes as planned, or is kept for my time if cancelled / rescheduled later than 24 hours before your appointment.

Please consider how your child will manage new piercings – will they be able not to touch them? Will they be ok with 2 cleanings a day for the next couple of weeks? These are considerations
that will assist in keeping this a pleasant experience for kids and parents alike.

I kindly ask that you wear masks and reschedule if you or your child feel unwell in ANY way. The entire staff at the Extreme Ends salon is committed to the maintenance of a safe environment.

If you have further questions please contact me.

Thanks so much!
Marnie Marangoni
Bow & Arrow Piercing Co.